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6 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

When it is time to buy your first home, it can be as overwhelming as it can be exciting.

Not to worry though! Here at Janet Jurich Realty Group, Janet’s experience with first time homebuyers is extensive, to say the least.

Here are 6 things to consider while searching for you first home:

  1. Get Pre-Approved for a Loan: This is important to do so your search is accurate and you can make a better financial decision. Not doing this can lead you on a search that may set you up to make more of an emotional decision if you fall in love with a home that is not best for your particular financial situation.
  2. Get references: Janet Jurich can put you in contact with all of the right people, but it is also important to talk to your family and friends who have already purchased a home. Their insight will help guide you to making better decisions.
  3. Down payment: Depending on your loan type, making the down payment can be hard for first time home buyers. One thing you do not want to do is empty your savings to make the down payment only to be left empty handed when the expenses previously discussed start coming up.
  4. Wait on making your next big purchase: it takes 40-65 days for closing to take place and your credit may be affected by other financed purchases in the meantime. This means do not go buy a new car, furniture, or anything else on credit before you are completely closed on the house and have a few months of experiencing the costs associated with your new home.
  5. Mortgage: there are various options for first-time homebuyers and it is important you understand all of your options.
  6. Agent: There is no other agent in Bloomington-Normal that can help you find your first home better than Janet Jurich. Janet will make sure you get in touch with all of the right people for financing, she will encourage you to look in person often because online postings can only tell you so much, and she will help you understand the market.

Finding a home can be intimidating, but rest assure you can just tell Janet your price range and as much detail about what you want in a home, and she will do the rest! If you are interested in starting a family, already have children, or are looking for great resale value, she can narrow it down for you in no time.

Start the search now!

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