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Choosing the Right Neighborhood in Bloomington-Normal,IL

Bloomington Normal, IL Real Estate

Choosing the Right Neighborhood in Bloomington-Normal, IL

When trying to find a new home in Bloomington, one thing you should consider would be choosing a neighborhood that fits you and your family. Buying your dream home doesn’t just mean going out to get a nice looking property that has every feature on your list, but it comes with considering distance to work, activities, and schools. A house needs to be found in the location that works for you and your family to truly be a home.

Finding a great neighborhood means finding a place where you feel at home. If you have a family with children, you should be looking for one of the best family-centric locations in central IL. This includes a place where your kids can grow with the best schools and quickly engage with other children in the neighborhood. Having a strong connection with neighbors and community should be a high priority on the house-hunting list if that is your priority.

In addition, you need to consider finding an environment where you feel comfortable spending time. Research the history of your community, the demographics, average income, crime rates, sexual offender list, etc.  Doing the work up front will pay off tenfold down the road. Nothing’s worse than moving into a neighborhood where you feel unsafe or out of place. To choose the right neighborhood, you need to start by creating a list of what you need from the location of your dream home. After making a wish list of everything you need from a neighborhood, you must now be aware of what location is best for you and your family. You need to make sure the chosen location where you buy your home is up to your needs. Below are common questions that you should ask yourself while seeking a community to live in.



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How to find a Neighborhood in Central, IL

Ask questions: Ask yourself what are your most desired features from a neighborhood, what do you prefer most? Do you prefer a quiet or busier one? Do you like trees and parks? Shopping and restaurants? Older or newer neighborhoods?


  • Convenience: Explore each neighborhood with potential homes and identify the closest amenities and how convenient it is. Is the neighborhood more rural or suburban?


  • Drive and look around: Spending time going through neighborhoods might give you a bigger chance of finding the perfect one easier. Try passing by on different days and different hours. Take note of the different housing conditions, the street, the front yard, and the sidewalks.


  • Schools: A good neighborhood can be characterized by a quality school and this should be highly considered if you have children. No one would like to have their children travel for long distances before getting to school. Bloomington-Normal has several public and private schools including Normal Community High School, Normal Community West, Central Catholic and Bloomington High School just to name a few.  Each is a pivotal part of their respective neighborhoods.



  • The Transportation System: Before you decide to purchase a home, check for public transportation systems, how often does transit stop during peak times, if this is important to you? This tends to be one of the most overlooked considerations when in search of a neighborhood. You can find public transportation information at connect transit, the city of Bloomington transportation page ( or even the respective bus routes for your children’s school systems. Though the majority of folks in the area drive to work using main roads such as Veteran’s Parkway or Main Street, it is always a good idea to understand your options. You can also check out Google maps to see the estimated time it would take you to get to work and get your kids to school. You may even want to do a test run in peak hours to see the traffic. In Bloomington-Normal, there doesn’t tend to be traffic  in many places with some of the major streets during peak work times such as Veteran’s Parkway. Do the research ahead of time to make sure it works for you and your family.



  • Future development: Because Bloomington-Normal is an ever-growing community, you may want to look up the 5,10, or even 20-year real estate development plans to see how this might affect your property value and living experience. Unexpected changes to the neighborhood such as increased traffic or increased taxes might cause problems in the future. This can be a blessing as well as a curse for every individual in the neighborhood. Future developments are known to change the dynamic of neighborhoods so be sure to check with your real estate agent before making an offer.



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